Saturday, January 1, 2011

nak download torrent dgn laju

Aku nak bagi tips sket ni.. Mcm mana nak download torrent dgn laju sket..

Here are some tips on how to increase your torrents download speed:

1- Download speed mainly depends on number of seeds and peers connected to them during downloading ... the more seeds and peers connected, the more speed u'll get.
2- Be Patient! give it a time from 3 - 4 hours to connect to many seeds and peers ... during this time it'll be downloading, but not with your maximum speed ...
3- You have to open some ports on your firewall to enable the client to connect to the peers and seeds, the ports are [6881-6889] ..
And if you need more speed, open from [6881-6999] ...
4- limit your upload speed to 80% of your speed from the bittorrent client, for example if your upload speed is 100kb, limit it to 80kb, this will help you getting your maximum download speed ...

I tested these settings on all adsl and dialup speeds and got maximum download speed, last tested was on 512kb ADSL and got 60kb/sec speed [which is above the maximum download speed (52)].

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